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"Fought" is a term that typically refers to participating in a physical altercation or verbal argument. However, there are various synonyms that can be used to describe the act. Some common synonyms include battled, contested, combatted, struggled, clashed, quarrelled, and opposed. Other possible alternatives include engaged, tussled, wrestled, skirmished, scuffled, brawled, and confronted. The choice of synonym depends on the context and intensity of the encounter. Moreover, some synonyms can imply a more prolonged or significant conflict than others. Regardless of the chosen synonym, it is important to remember that fighting should always be avoided if possible and that peaceful resolution is always preferable.

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"Fought" is a recently released FPS game that is set to feature intense multiplayer matches that pit teams of combatants against each other in a variety of scenarios. The game is set to release later this year in Early Access, and developer MachineGames is aiming to make it one of the most well-polished and challenging FPS games to date.

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