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Fouquieriaceae is a plant family that includes various species of desert flora known for their unique appearance and ecological function. Some of the synonyms for this plant family include the Ocotillo family, Coachwhip Family, and Candlewood family. These names reflect the distinct qualities of this family, which includes spiny stems, long thin leaves, and the ability to withstand harsh desert environments. The Ocotillo family, in particular, refers to the plant's characteristic long, spindly stems that resemble a whip. The various synonyms for Fouquieriaceae illustrate the plant's importance as a unique and essential element of desert landscapes, providing habitat for wildlife and contributing to the delicate balance of desert ecosystems.

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The fouquieriaceae family is a small global plant family composed of about sixty species in eighteen genera. The family is monophyletic, meaning that it is composed of plants that are closely related to one another. The Fouquieriaceae are found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The family is named after the French botanist Charles-Étienne Fouquier (1772-1837), who first described the family.

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