What is another word for fracas?

Pronunciation: [fɹˈakəz] (IPA)

Fracas is a term used to describe a noisy disturbance, typically a heated argument or brawl. There are several synonyms for fracas that can be used to describe a similar situation, including commotion, altercation, dispute, brawl, skirmish, quarrel, or conflict. In some cases, the word "ruckus" can also be used to replace fracas to describe a chaotic or turbulent situation. Additionally, the word "melee" can be used to describe a more intense and violent altercation, particularly involving multiple individuals. Synonyms for fracas can help add variety and depth to writing or conversation when describing conflict or disturbance.

Synonyms for Fracas:

What are the hypernyms for Fracas?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for fracas?

Fracas means a noisy disturbance or quarrel. Some antonyms for this word are peace, calmness, harmony, concord, and tranquility. These words describe the opposite of a fracas, where there is no disturbance or disagreement. Peace is when there is no conflict or war, whereas calmness indicates a lack of agitation or excitement. Harmony and concord refer to a state of agreement or cooperation, while tranquility suggests a peaceful and serene atmosphere. These antonyms can be used to describe situations where people are getting along peacefully without any noisy or violent disruptions.

What are the antonyms for Fracas?

Usage examples for Fracas

On entering the hut, the cause of this singular fracas was at once discovered: a man lying upon the floor-stripped to his shirt, and bound hand and foot!
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid
On the contrary it only rendered the fearful fracas more difficult of explanation.
"The White Gauntlet"
Mayne Reid
Mr. Thomasson also had had his dark hour-since to be mixed up with, a fashionable fracas was one thing, and to lose a valuable and influential pupil, the apple of his mother's eye, was another; but it was past, and he gushed over with gratulations.
"The Castle Inn"
Stanley John Weyman

Famous quotes with Fracas

  • First of all, my persuasion is what really breeds violence is political differences. But because religion serves as the soul of community, it gets drawn into the fracas and turns up the heat.
    Huston Smith

Related words: argument, dispute, disagreement, row, fuss

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