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A framework is a fundamental structure that supports the development of something. There are several synonyms for framework, such as structure, skeleton, skeleton outline, blueprint, foundation, basis, and system. The term structure refers to a stable and organized arrangement of parts that form a whole. A skeleton outline is a rough draft that outlines the essential components of a project. Blueprint pertains to a specific plan or design that gives direction to the development of a structure. Foundation refers to the base upon which something is built. Basis pertains to the underlying support that holds an idea or concept together. Lastly, system pertains to a set of principles that govern the way something operates.

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A framework is a set of rules or guidelines that govern the design of an application or system. Frameworks can provide cohesion, structure, and a shared understanding of the system among diverse developers. They can also facilitate the sharing of code and component libraries across applications.

Frameworks can be categorized according to their design philosophy. Literal frameworks, such as Rails, follow a folder-by-folder model for organizing code. Object-oriented frameworks, such as Java's Java Foundation Classes (JFC), organize code around objects.

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