What is another word for fraught with danger?

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[ fɹˈɔːt wɪð dˈe͡ɪnd͡ʒə], [ fɹˈɔːt wɪð dˈe‍ɪnd‍ʒə], [ f_ɹ_ˈɔː_t w_ɪ_ð d_ˈeɪ_n_dʒ_ə]

When it comes to danger, it is important to have a variety of words to describe the situation accurately. Some synonyms for the phrase "fraught with danger" include perilous, hazardous, risky, treacherous, and precarious. These words are all often used interchangeably to convey the serious nature of a situation where danger is present. Each synonym has its own connotation, with perilous more specifically referring to high risk, hazardous highlighting the potential harm to health or the environment, risky emphasizing the potential loss of something valuable, treacherous indicating hidden dangers, and precarious referring to instability or being unsure. In any situation where danger is present, it is important to use these descriptive words to convey the true nature of the situation.

How to use "Fraught with danger" in context?

Fraught with danger is what my mind was constantly filled with while I was in Iraq. I constantly had to on the lookout for danger, whether it was roadside bombs, snipers, or the ISIS terrorists that were always looking to inflict harm on innocent people. But I learned to live in a state of perpetual vigilance and to embrace the danger because it was what made my job as a Marine Corps scout sniper so rewarding.

I loved the adrenaline that would surge through me when I saw a potential threat. It was as if my entire body was on high alert, ready to take action at a moment's notice.

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