What is another word for frayed?

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The word "frayed" is often used to describe something that is worn out or tattered at the edges. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe a similar situation. These include words such as ragged, threadbare, worn, shabby, torn, scratched, damaged, and weathered. Each of these words emphasizes a different aspect of wear and tear, such as the extent of damage or the manner in which it was sustained. By using a variety of synonyms, writers can create more vivid and nuanced descriptions of the condition of objects, clothing, or other materials.

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How to use "Frayed" in context?

When someone accidentally pulls or trips over an edge or frayed cord, the result can be disastrous. The cord can fray, which means it breaks into smaller pieces. This can cause electric shock or a fire. Frayed cords are also a major safety hazard. They can create tripping hazards, and they can also create a choking hazard. When cords fray, they are more susceptible to breaking.

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