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Freeze drying refers to a process of removing moisture from food, pharmaceuticals, and other products by freezing and then reducing the pressure around the substance, allowing the ice to evaporate without passing through a liquid phase. There are several synonyms for freeze drying, including lyophilization, cryodesiccation, and sublimation drying, all of which describe the same physical process of removing moisture through the sublimation of ice crystals. Lyophilization is a common term used in the pharmaceutical industry, while cryodesiccation is typically used in scientific research. Sublimation drying refers to the general process of removing moisture by sublimation, but is often used interchangeably with freeze drying.

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    Freeze Drying is one of the newer methods of drying food that has been growing in popularity in the past few years. Contrary to the other popular methods of drying food, freeze drying doesn't use any heat or air to remove moisture from the foods. Instead, the food is frozen and then slowly reduced in temperature to subzero levels, drastically freezing the water molecules in the foods. This process causes the water to turn into ice, which then removes the water from the food. Unlike other methods of drying, freeze drying is also efficient in removing moisture from food that is hard, such as nuts and meat.

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