What is another word for friendly witness?

Pronunciation: [fɹˈɛndli wˈɪtnəs] (IPA)

A "friendly witness" is a term commonly used in legal contexts to describe a witness who is cooperative and supportive of the party calling them to testify. This individual typically provides testimony that aligns with the interests of the represented party. There are various synonyms for "friendly witness" that can be utilized to convey similar meaning or intent. Some alternative terms include "favorable witness", "supportive witness" or "sympathetic witness". These synonyms all reflect the idea of a witness who is helpful and amicable to the party they are testifying for, adding credibility and bolstering the case being presented.

What are the opposite words for friendly witness?

A friendly witness is someone who is supportive of a particular side or cause, often willingly offering testimony or evidence in favor of that side. If we look for antonyms, we come across several terms that denote the opposite of a friendly witness. Some of the antonyms for "friendly witness" are hostile witness, unfriendly witness, adverse witness, uncooperative witness, or untrustworthy witness. A hostile witness is someone who opposes or contradicts the party who introduces them, and an adverse witness is someone who opposes or goes against the interests of the party who calls them. An unfriendly witness may not be hostile but is not cooperative either. Lastly, an untrustworthy witness is someone whose credibility has been called into question.

What are the antonyms for Friendly witness?

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