What is another word for frighteningly?

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Frighteningly is an adverb that is used to describe something that is scary or intimidating. It can be used to describe a person, place, or situation that makes a person feel fear or anxiety. There are many synonyms for the word frighteningly that can be used in its place. Some examples of synonyms include fearfully, alarmingly, terrifyingly, dauntingly, dangerously, and intimidatingly. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but they all serve to convey a sense of fear or danger. By using synonyms for the word frighteningly, you can add variety and depth to your writing while also conveying a strong emotional tone.

How to use "Frighteningly" in context?

Many people are scared of spiders, but most of us have never seen one up close and personal. This is because spiders are shy creatures and will generally only be seen if they are disturbed. However, a few spiders can be quite frightening! The following are five of the most frightening spiders in the world.

1. The Black Widow Spider

The Black Widow Spider is the world's most notorious spider. This spider is feared for its aggressiveness and deadly venom. Black Widows will often kill their victim with a single bite.

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