What is another word for froward?

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[ fɹˈa͡ʊəd], [ fɹˈa‍ʊəd], [ f_ɹ_ˈaʊ_ə_d]

Froward is an archaic word that means difficult to deal or work with, stubbornly contrary or disobedient. Some synonyms for froward are obstinate, contrary, stubborn, perverse, wayward, recalcitrant, mulish, and unyielding. These words are used to describe someone who is difficult or unwilling to be controlled, and is generally uncooperative or disruptive. These synonyms can be applied to a wide range of people or situations, including children, employees, or even inanimate objects like machinery. When dealing with froward individuals, it's important to approach them with patience and understanding, as well as using clear communication and setting boundaries.

Synonyms for Froward:

How to use "Froward" in context?

Few words about "froward." This word can be used to describe someone who is not acting in the best interest of themselves or someone else. It can also describe something that is moving away from the normal course.

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