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Fundamentals are the basic principles or essential elements of a subject or concept. Alternative words for "fundamentals" include "essentials", "basics", "principles", "rudiments", "ABCs", "core concepts", " groundwork", "foundations", "cornerstones", "fundamentals", "basic principles", "necessities", "basic elements", "building blocks" and "foundational principles." These words imply the importance of understanding and mastering the foundational aspects of a subject, which provide a solid framework for further learning and development. Whether studying math, language, science, or any other subject, understanding and mastering the fundamentals is key to success. Mastery of the fundamentals affords one the ability to navigate more complex aspects of a subject, enhancing understanding and promoting growth.

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Fundamentals of horseback riding

In order to be a competent horseback rider, one must have a firm understanding of the basics of horseback riding. These basics include knowing how to mount, dismount, control the horse, and stay in control. When mounting, follow these guidelines:

Mount the horse at the withers, not at the neck.

Sit tall and swing your right leg over the horse's back so that your heel is resting firmly on the horse's neck.

Grasp the mane with your left hand and hold on with your right hand.

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