What is another word for fustian?

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Fustian is a term that is used to describe pompous, bombastic language which is devoid of meaning. Here are some synonyms for the word fustian: verbose, grandiloquent, bombastic, flowery, florid, magniloquent, hyperbolic, high-flown, ornate, overblown. All of these words share in common a tendency towards over-exaggerated and artificial language, often used to create a false impression of intelligence or importance. While these words may occasionally be effective in certain contexts, they are generally seen as a mark of bad writing or speaking, and are best avoided if one wishes to communicate clearly and effectively to one's audience.

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How to use "Fustian" in context?

Fustian, a word first recorded in the early 15th century, comes from the Latin word for Tyrian purple, fustianus. Tyrian purple was a bright blue-purple fabric, made from a mixture of wool, cotton and dyes, that was popular in the Roman Empire. After the fall of the Roman Empire, fustian remained the color of choice for noblemen's clothing, due to its high price and its supposed Tyrian origins. Fustian became synonymous with ostentatious, over-the-top dress and became a synonym for "drag.

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