What is another word for garden webworm?

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The garden webworm is a pest that can wreak havoc on your plants and garden. However, there are a few different names for this pesky insect. It's sometimes known as the lawn webworm, the sod webworm, or simply the webworm. Whatever you choose to call it, this pest is characterized by its ability to spin webs over areas of your garden or lawn. Once those webs are in place, the garden webworm feeds on the leaves of your plants, slowly damaging and killing them over time. If you notice any signs of the garden webworm in your lawn or garden, it's important to take action quickly to prevent further damage.

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    The garden webworm, Tetragnatha guatemalensis, is a small, grey, common webworm found principally in the Americas. It is a beneficial species that normally feeds on leaves, but can also feed on sap, flowers and fruit. Adults are about 20 mm long and have a stout body and long, pointed front legs. The front four legs are also enlarged and hairy. The larva is a grass-green, narrow-waisted feeder that pierces the tips of blades of grass and other green vegetation to suck up the sugars.

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