What is another word for gavel?

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The word "gavel" refers to the small hammer-like tool that a judge or auctioneer uses to bring order to a room and indicate the beginning or end of a meeting or auction. Some synonyms for "gavel" include mallet, hammer, gavelock, and wooden hammer. While these terms all serve the same purpose as a gavel, they may be used in different contexts or regions, depending on the culture or profession. For example, a wooden hammer may be more commonly used in informal settings, while a mallet or gavelock may be used in more formal or legal settings. Regardless of the term used, the purpose of these tools remains the same: to establish order and authority in a room.

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    How to use "Gavel" in context?

    A gavel is a ceremonial judicial instrument consisting of a wooden handle and a metal head. The head is shaped like a horseshoe, with a flat top and a curved flange. The gavel is supposed to resemble the hammer of the divine magistrate. It is traditionally used to call court sessions to order, to adjourn proceedings, and to open, adjourn, or resume deliberation.

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