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A gazetteer is a geographical dictionary containing information about places, regions, countries, or continents. Synonyms for the word gazetteer include geographic dictionary, geographical directory, atlas, compendium, directory, encyclopedia, guidebook, handbook, and index. These tools provide valuable information about different locations around the world, including their history, population, climate, natural resources, and infrastructure. They are essential for travel, research, and education purposes and can be used by students, researchers, historians, geographers, and travelers. Utilizing a gazetteer or one of its synonyms enables users to gain a better understanding of the world around them by providing an in-depth look into various locations and their unique characteristics.

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How to use "Gazetteer" in context?

A gazetteer is a classification of place names used by geographers and historians. A Gazetteer always has more than one name for a place, because different sources give different names to the same place. For example, the dictionary might call a town "Westminster", while the road atlas might call it "Weston". A Gazetteer usually lists the primary and secondary names, with the name given by the source in parentheses.

A Gazetteer can also list places of interest near the place, or it can describe the place itself.

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