What is another word for genetic engineering?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒɛnˈɛtɪk ˌɛnd͡ʒɪnˈi͡əɹɪŋ] (IPA)

Genetic engineering is the process of manipulating an organism's DNA to alter its characteristics. There are various synonyms for this term, some of which are genetic modification, gene splicing, gene editing, and genetic transformation. Genetic modification involves introducing foreign DNA into an organism's genetic material. Gene splicing allows for the combination of DNA from different organisms to create a new organism with desirable traits. Gene editing, on the other hand, involves making precise alterations to the DNA sequence of an organism. Genetic transformation involves the introduction of foreign DNA into an organism's cells, which leads to changes in its characteristics. Whatever the term used, genetic engineering offers endless possibilities for developing new organisms with unique traits.

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What are the hypernyms for Genetic engineering?

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Famous quotes with Genetic engineering

  • But while doing that I'd been following a variety of fields in science and technology, including the work in molecular biology, genetic engineering, and so forth.
    K. Eric Drexler
  • With the advent of genetic engineering the time required for the evolution of new species may literally collapse.
    Dee Hock
  • I suspect any worries about genetic engineering may be unnecessary. Genetic mutations have always happened naturally, anyway.
    James Lovelock
  • I think the ethics and morals of genetic engineering are very complicated. It intrigues me.
    Roger Spottiswoode
  • The cloning of humans is on most of the lists of things to worry about from Science, along with behaviour control, genetic engineering, transplanted heads, computer poetry and the unrestrained growth of plastic flowers.
    Lewis Thomas

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