What is another word for gerreidae?

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Gerreidae is a family of fish commonly known as mojarras or silver-biddies. These fish are found in coastal and brackish waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Some possible synonyms for Gerreidae include the silver perch, the goggle-eyed mojarra, and the yellowfin mojarra. Other similar species include sea bream, drumfish, and croakers. These fish are often sought after by recreational anglers and commercial fisherman alike for their tasty flesh. Gerreidae play an important role in aquatic ecosystems, as they serve as prey for larger predators and help to maintain a healthy balance in marine food chains.

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    There are about 1,100 species of wild gerreidae, which are mostly found in Central and South America. These spiders are medium to large and usually have a reddish brown, black or yellow abdomen with distinctive markings. Some commonGerreidae include the black and yellow grass spider, the golden larder spider, the hunting spider and the Brazilian recluse.

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