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Gi is a four-letter word that is used to describe a martial arts uniform, specifically in Japanese martial arts. However, there are a couple of synonyms that could be used to describe a gi, such as Keikogi or Dōgi. Keikogi is a Japanese term that means training clothing while Dōgi translates to cloth of the Way. These terms are often used by practitioners of traditional martial arts. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a similar uniform that is typically worn is called a Kimono but it is slightly different from the gi used in Japanese martial arts. Regardless of the term used, the gi remains an essential part of a martial artist's uniform.

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Gaijin, the word most commonly associated with foreigners in Japan, is also a word with a distinctly Japanese flavor. Nearly synonymous with the word is go-jō, the word used to refer to menial laborers.

The word has been in use in Japan since the mid-Edo period, and developed from the term go-mono, or "person from the country." It refers to anyone who is not a Japanese citizen, and is often pejoratively used to refer to foreigners. This xenophobic attitude is not exclusive to Japan, however, as other countries have their own derogatory terms for foreigners.

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