What is another word for gift-wrapped?

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[ ɡˈɪftɹˈapt], [ ɡˈɪftɹˈapt], [ ɡ_ˈɪ_f_t_ɹ_ˈa_p_t]

The term gift-wrapped is commonly used to describe a present that has been wrapped in decorative paper and adorned with a bow or ribbon. While there are many different ways to wrap a gift, the term gift-wrapped specifically refers to a present that has been prepared for giving. Some synonyms for gift-wrapped include: wrapped, packaged, boxed, bagged, and enveloped. Other descriptive terms might include adjectives such as festively adorned, embellished, or decorated. Ultimately, the word or phrase used to describe a gift that has been carefully wrapped will depend on the context and the writer's intended meaning.

How to use "Gift-wrapped" in context?

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, there's nothing like surprises. But for those of us who can't always be at home to give our loved ones their present, there are certain traditions that come to mind. Perhaps the most popular of these is the gift-wrapped present. And with good reason! Not only does it add a little extra pizzazz to the gift, but it also results in a much more personalized experience.

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