What is another word for gild?

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[ ɡˈɪld], [ ɡˈɪld], [ ɡ_ˈɪ_l_d]

Gild is a verb that means to cover with a thin layer of gold or a gold-like substance. Some synonyms for gild include to coat, plate, overlay, or veneer. Other synonyms include to embellish, adorn, decorate, or beautify. Gild can also mean to make something appear better or brighter than it really is, and synonyms for this meaning include to fancy up, dress up, glamorize, or sugarcoat. Additionally, gild can refer to a more metaphorical sense of adding value or worth to something, and synonyms for this meaning might include to enhance, enrich, or augment.

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    When it comes to restoring old artifacts, there is often one thing that needs to be done - the gilding. What is gilding, and why is it so important when restoring old artifacts? Gilding is the process of applying a gold or silver coating to something. When it comes to artifacts, gilding is often used to give them a new look.

    Gold and silver are the two most often used gilding metals because of their rarity,. However, any other metal can be used as long as it is protected from the elements. Unfortunately, gold and silver are not the only metals that can be gilded.

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