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The word "gill" has various synonyms that are commonly used in both informal and scientific discussion. Some of the common synonyms include "branchia," "parabranchia," "respiratory organs," "opercula," and "water breathers," which are mostly used in scientific contexts. In informal contexts, some synonyms include "fish flaps," "gill slits," "fish lungs," and "gill covers," which are commonly used to refer to the fish's respiratory system. The synonyms for gill are vital, especially in scientific contexts, where specialized terms are required for clarity and specificity. These synonyms bring out the diversity in language and help masters of the English language express themselves accurately and effectively.

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Within the digestive system, there are several structures known as "gills". These structures allow aquatic organisms to extract oxygen from the water and to filter nutrients. Invertebrates such as sea urchins and lobsters also have gills, but mammals, including humans, lack them.

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