What is another word for gladiola?

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Gladiola, also known as gladiolus, is a flower that symbolizes strength and sincerity. The term "gladiola" originates from the Latin word "gladius," which translates to sword. Its name evokes images of ancient gladiators wielding swords in combat. This flower is also commonly referred to as the sword lily. Other synonyms for gladiola include corn flag, glad, and sword flower. The gladiola is a popular choice for bouquets and arrangements due to its vibrant colors and impressive height. Its long, slender stems and flared blooms make it a visually striking addition to any floral display, and its diverse range of colors ensures that there is a gladiola for every occasion.

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Gladiola is a genus of about seventy-seven species of flowering plants in the sunflower family. The genus is endemic to the Mediterranean Basin, where it is mostly found in Algeria, Israel, Turkey, and Syria. Gladiolus stems often have striped or marbled flower petals, and the flowers are often yellow, blue, or purple.

Gladiolus flowers are popular in sunflower flower arrangements. They are also used as garden flowers, primarily in Europe. Gladiolus hybridizes very easily with other sunflower species, so there are a wide variety of cultivars available.

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