What is another word for gleaner?

94 synonyms found


[ ɡlˈiːnə], [ ɡlˈiːnə], [ ɡ_l_ˈiː_n_ə]

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    How to use "Gleaner" in context?

    Gleaner is an American alternative newsweekly magazine published in New York City. It was founded in 1972 by Karen Hudes and Jay Parini, and originally billed as a counterpoint to the mainstream newsweekly, The New York Times. Today, it is published weekly and has a national circulation of over 170,000.

    The magazine typically touches on political, cultural, and social issues and has been known for its investigative journalism. It has been an outspoken advocate for the left, and its commentary has sometimes been controversial. In its earliest years, it was associated with the radical political movement of the New Left.

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