What is another word for glistens?

70 synonyms found


[ ɡlˈɪsənz], [ ɡlˈɪsənz], [ ɡ_l_ˈɪ_s_ə_n_z]

How to use "Glistens" in context?

Glistens refers to a surface or object that emits a sheen or shine. Due to its smooth and lustrous appearance, glistens often catches the eye. There are many reasons why glistens are attractive. They can be a sign of cleanliness or newness, for example. Glistens can also denote a material that is durable or resistant to wear and tear.

In the physical world, glistens are created by a range of different materials and objects. Water droplets can glitter on a surface due to the way that Sunlight reflects off of them.

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