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Looking for synonyms for "glorification"? There are numerous words that can be used in place of glorification such as exaltation, veneration, adoration, praise, worship, admiration, magnification, and celebration. These words all convey a sense of honoring and revering someone or something. Exaltation, for example, suggests elevating or lifting up to a high position of honor. Veneration implies deep respect and admiration. Adoration is a strong and intense feeling of worship or love. Praise and worship both indicate expressing admiration and thankfulness towards something. Magnification implies causing something to appear greater or more important, while celebration implies a joyous recognition or commemorating an achievement or event.

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How to use "Glorification" in context?

Glorification is an act associated with worship in which one person or thing is highly esteemed. In the Christian faith, glorification typically refers to the second phase of the trinitarian process, in which the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are said to be glorified in the works of redemption.

There is a sense in which, in any given situation, each of us might be said to be glorifying ourselves to some degree or another. We may be excessively looking ourselves up in the mirror or posting exaggerated body images online in an attempt to make ourselves look better. We may put ourselves through ridiculous physical challenges in the hope of feeling heroic.

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