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Glorify is a powerful word that indicates praise, honor, exaltation, or the declaration of someone's greatness or attributes. Synonyms for glorify include celebrating, lauding, extolling, venerating, adoring, magnifying, deifying, uplifting, eulogizing, and hallowing. These words can be used interchangeably to convey the same meaning, but each has its own connotation. For instance, lauding refers to expressing high praise or admiration for someone, while extolling emphasizes the virtues or merits of a person. Deifying implies treating someone as a god or divine being, while celebrating involves taking joy or pride in someone's achievements or accomplishments. Regardless of the chosen synonym, glorify is an expression of reverence towards someone or something worthy of attention.

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How to use "Glorify" in context?

Glorify means to make something illustrious, revered, or famous. It can also denote an act of devotion or reverence. The word is derived from the Latin word glorificare, which means "to make much of." To glorify something is to make it something of importance, to give it prestige. When we glorify God, we are recognizing His supremacy and His worthyness. We are declaring Him to be the most important thing in our lives. We are putting Him first and making Him the center of our lives. We are demonstrating our appreciation and love for Him. We are honoring Him with our actions.

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