What is another word for glow discharge?

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[ ɡlˈə͡ʊ dɪst͡ʃˈɑːd͡ʒ], [ ɡlˈə‍ʊ dɪst‍ʃˈɑːd‍ʒ], [ ɡ_l_ˈəʊ d_ɪ_s_tʃ_ˈɑː_dʒ]

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Synonyms for Glow discharge:

How to use "Glow discharge" in context?

Discharge of light or plasma appears in a galaxy when the gas and dust are becoming heated and ionized. Inglow then emits light from the plasma and from the heated dust. glow discharge can also originate from a hot object in the cold vacuum of space.

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