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Glycosides are a type of organic compound that consist of sugar molecules bonded to non-sugar molecules. There are many different types of glycosides, each with its own unique chemical structure and properties. Some common synonyms for glycoside include glucoside, a term that specifically refers to a glycoside containing glucose as the sugar molecule, and saponin, a type of glycoside found in soapy substances such as soapwort and yucca. Other synonyms include xyloside, arabinoside, rhamnoside, galactoside, and fructoside, which refer to glycosides containing different types of sugar molecules. Glycosides are found in a wide range of natural substances, including plants, fungi, and bacteria, and have numerous biological functions, including energy storage, signaling, and defense against predators and pathogens.

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Glycosides are a class of compounds that consist of one or more glycosidic linking groups. A glycosidic linking group is a group of atoms that are bound together by covalent bonds and that can be identified by the presence of a glycosidic group (-GC)- on its molecule. A glycoside can be formed from the union of a glycoside precursor and a sugar source.

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