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A gnat is a small flying insect, often found swarming in damp areas. The word gnats can be confusing, with some people using it to refer to other types of insects like flies, mosquitoes, and midges. However, the term "gnat" is specific, and there are some synonyms that can be used instead. Culicidae and Simuliidae are two types of biting gnats that can be found around the world. In North America, biting midges are sometimes called "no-see-ums" due to their tiny size. Sand gnats are another type of gnat found in some parts of the world. Regardless of the type of gnat, their bites can be irritating and cause itching and swelling.

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The gnat is a small, fleet insect that is common in temperate regions. These insects can travel great distances and survive in a wide range of environments. Gnats typically prey on other small insects and are able to swim well.

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