What is another word for gobbet?

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[ ɡˈɒbɪt], [ ɡˈɒbɪt], [ ɡ_ˈɒ_b_ɪ_t]

Gobbet refers to a small piece or portion of something. It can be used to describe a small fragment or a bite-sized portion of food. There are several synonyms for gobbet, like morsel, bite, tidbit, snippet, fragment, and chunk. Morsel implies a small piece of food, especially a delicacy or a treat. Bite denotes the act of taking a small amount of food or a chunk of something. Tidbit refers to a small, tasty item of food or a piece of interesting information. Snippet and fragment both indicate a small and incomplete part of something, while chunk describes a larger piece or portion of something.

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    The gobbet was an early form of tennis ball. It was made of a light yolk-and-white eggshell that was coated with animal fat or beeswax. The gobbet was spun on a lathe to make a smooth ball, and was about the size of a golf ball. The gobbet was played by hitting it with a racket and bouncing it off a hard surface.

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