What is another word for goblin?

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Goblins are typically known as mischievous, sometimes evil creatures in folklore. However, there are several synonyms that exist for the word "goblin" that have their own unique connotations. One synonym for goblin is imp, which is often used to describe a small, mischievous demon or supernatural creature. Another alternative is the term gremlin, which is often used to refer to a creature that causes mechanical problems or mischief with machinery. Similarly, hobgoblin is another word for goblin that has a more mischievous connotation. Other synonyms for goblin include fiend, kobold, sprite, and troll. All of these words can be used in various contexts to describe mythical or supernatural creatures.

How to use "Goblin" in context?

There is one creature that most people would consider to be the combination of terror and curiosity, the goblin. Goblins have been a part of human folklore and literature for centuries and have been featured in such classics as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Lord of the Rings. Physically, goblins are small, gnarled and often hairy creatures, with bright eyes that can light up with mischief when they want to. Socially, goblins often live in and around dark, spooky places, such as abandoned castles, ancient tombs, and the like.

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