What is another word for going on?

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[ ɡˌə͡ʊɪŋ ˈɒn], [ ɡˌə‍ʊɪŋ ˈɒn], [ ɡ_ˌəʊ_ɪ_ŋ ˈɒ_n]

"Going on" is a phrase commonly used to refer to an ongoing situation or event. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of this phrase, depending on the context. For instance, the phrase "in progress" can be used to indicate that an activity or event is currently underway. "Continuing," "persisting," "proceeding," and "advancing" are also appropriate synonyms that can be used to imply that something is still happening. Additionally, "developing," "evolving," "unfolding," and "unfurling" can be used to signify that a situation is gradually progressing or taking shape. Overall, by utilizing these synonyms, one can effectively convey the ongoing nature of a situation or event without relying solely on the phrase "going on".

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    How to use "Going on" in context?

    Going on is a very important life skill. It means continuing to live even when things are tough. It means facing your fears and challenges head on. It means seizing the opportunities that come your way. Going on is about having the strength to keep going-even when things are tough. Here are some tips to help you go on: 1. Persevere - When things get tough, remember that you have something special to offer. Don't give up on your dreams or your goals. Remember why you started going on in the first place. 2. Be positive - When things get tough, it can be hard to stay positive.

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