What is another word for gold dust?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈə͡ʊld dˈʌst] (IPA)

Gold dust is a term used to describe very fine particles of gold, often found in rivers or mines. There are many synonyms for gold dust, such as fine gold, gold granules, gold particles, gold flakes, and gold powder. Other related terms include gold nuggets, gold bars, gold coins, and gold bullion. These terms are often used in the context of gold mining, jewelry making, or as a metaphor for valuable or prized possessions. Regardless of the terminology used, gold has been valued for centuries for its durability, rarity, and beauty, making it one of the most sought-after materials in the world.

Synonyms for Gold dust:

What are the hypernyms for Gold dust?

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What are the hyponyms for Gold dust?

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  • hyponyms for gold dust (as nouns)

    • substance
      atomic number 79, gold, au.

Famous quotes with Gold dust

  • The brilliance of Midwestern California, the California that is founded upon discontent, and the reason why so much technological innovation springs from the West Coast, is that having confronted the finitude of the coastline, technologists in Silicon Valley have shrunk the needed commodity—the future (thousands of miles of Zen pathway)—to the size of a fleck of gold dust, to a microchip.
    Richard Rodriguez
  • What is charm, it is not a moral quality.. it is not intellectual for no man by much thinking is able to add a grain of it to his personality. One either has it or has it not, it cannot be acquired or even cultivated. It is not physical even.. it seems to be added to the human personality, an aura, a glow, the gold dust upon a butterfly's wing, the bloom upon a peach.
    Flora Thompson

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