What is another word for government revenue?

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[ ɡˈʌvənmənt ɹˈɛvənjˌuː], [ ɡˈʌvənmənt ɹˈɛvənjˌuː], [ ɡ_ˈʌ_v_ə_n_m_ə_n_t ɹ_ˈɛ_v_ə_n_j_ˌuː]

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    How to use "Government revenue" in context?

    The government's revenue comes from a variety of sources, including income, sales, property, and excise taxes. In 2015, the government's total revenue was $3.5 trillion. The government spends this revenue on a variety of programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. In addition, the government spends money on infrastructure, law enforcement, military, and other services. The government also borrows money to finance these programs.

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