What is another word for grandiloquent?

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Grandiloquent, meaning using lofty or pompous language, can be substituted by various words. Some synonyms for grandiloquent are bombastic, extravagant, flowery, pretentious, and pompous. Alternatively, one can also use the words verbose, loquacious, or garrulous to refer to someone who speaks at length or excessively. Similarly, high-flown, overwrought, and ostentatious are also good synonyms to describe exaggerated language, which generally aims to impress, rather than communicate a message effectively. Overall, a good writer or a speaker must be careful when using such grandiloquent words, as they may appear showy and insincere, which can severely impact communication and may ultimately alienate the reader or the audience.

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How to use "Grandiloquent" in context?

There's no denying that language can be beautiful - and oftentimes even grandiloquent. This often means using some elaborate words and phrases in order to impress or exaggerate the effect. But what is actually meant by grandiloquence? And is it always a good thing?...

Grandiloquence is often used to describe the use of elaborate words and phrases in order to impress or exaggerate the effect. It can be seen as a form of elegance or artistry, and can be an effective tool in communication.

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