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Grasslands are vast and rolling landscapes that are predominantly covered in grasses, herbs, and wildflowers. They are essential habitats for many animal species such as bison, antelopes, coyotes, and birds. In different parts of the world, grasslands are known by different names, such as prairie, savannah, steppe, meadow, pampas, tundra, and veldt. The term "prairie" is commonly used in North America, while "savannah" applies to grasslands in Africa. "Steppe" describes the vast grasslands in Russia and Central Asia, while "meadow" refers to smaller, more domesticated grasslands. Regardless of their names, grasslands are vitally important ecosystems that regulate climate, store carbon, and provide food and shelter for many creatures.

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Grasslands are vast, open ecosystems that are dominated by grasses, legumes, and other shortgrass plants. The term "grassland" can refer to many different types of ecosystems, but in general, grasslands are locations where annual grass growth is high and there is little or no woody plant growth. Grasses in a grassland typically grow up to 2 feet (60 cm) a day, which is much faster than trees, which typically grow about an inch (2.5 cm) per day.

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