What is another word for gratis?

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The Spanish word "gratis" translates to "free" in English, but there are many synonyms you can use to avoid repetition. Some of the words that mean free include complimentary, costless, gift, gratuitous, pro bono, and unpaid. On the other hand, you can use words like chargeless, charge-free, expenseless, costless, and for nothing to express the same sentiment. Additionally, the words free of charge, free of cost, without charge, and without cost can be a useful alternative. Whether you're writing an article, a blog, or emails, using synonyms for "gratis" or "free" will keep your tone fresh and invigorating.

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    Gratis has been a part of our vocabulary for centuries when it means something is given without charge. This Scandinavian word means "for free" and is often used to describe things that are given gratis, such as coffee or milk in a cafeteria. When used in marketing, gratis often refers to free products or services that have been given to consumers in order to lure them in to a sale.

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