What is another word for gritter?

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The word "gritter" refers to a machine that is used to spread grit or salt on icy roads to reduce the chances of accidents. It is an essential tool during winters in regions with heavy snowfall. Some synonyms for the word "gritter" include "salt spreader," "ice melt sprayer," "snow blower," "salt truck," "sand sprayer," and "de-icer spreader." These machines are equipped with motors that rotate the spreader discs, which disperse the grit or salt over the surface of the road. The synonyms for the word "gritter" may differ depending on the region or the specific application it is used for, but they all serve the same purpose of ensuring the safety of drivers during winters.

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How to use "Gritter" in context?

The gritter is an important piece of equipment on a road crew. Its dual function of aggregate removal and base course maintenance allows for the quick and efficient upkeep of highways.

The gritter is a machine that uses a rotating blade to remove broken up roadway surface material. This material can form during bad weather and is a significant contributor to roadway slickness and the dangers posed to drivers.

Gritters are also used for base course maintenance. This involves removing loose material, such as sand, from the roadway. This material can be a nuisance to drivers and can lead to accidents.

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