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Grounds refer to the surface or land on which something is built or stands. However, there are also many synonyms for this word that are relevant in different contexts. For example, in legal terms, the word "premises" is often used to refer to the land or property owned by an individual or business. Another synonym commonly used is "terrain," which refers to the physical characteristics and features of an area of land. "Site" is often used to describe a specific location, such as a construction site or excavation site. Lastly, "grounds" can be used to describe the reasoning or justification for an argument, which is often referred to as "evidence" or "support".

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Grounds are underutilized and undervalued resources that can be put to great use in landscaping. By understanding the basics of grounds work, homeowners and professionals can transform underused areas into beautiful, functional spaces that support life.

The first step in grounds work is to understand the soil. Most soils are made up of three layers: the surface layer, the subsoil layer, and the bedrock layer. The surface layer is the easiest to work and is made up of soil, rocks, and solid objects. The subsoil layer is thicker and contains more organic material. The bedrock layer is the deepest and contains the most minerals.

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