What is another word for gunner?

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Gunner is a word that has been used for centuries to describe individuals who operate guns or heavy weapons. Some synonyms for gunner include marksman, shooter, sharpshooter, and artilleryman. A marksman is a skilled shooter who is capable of hitting targets with great accuracy. A shooter, meanwhile, is a general term used to describe someone who fires a gun. A sharpshooter is also a skilled marksman and is often used in military contexts. Finally, an artilleryman is a member of an artillery corps who operates large guns or cannons. These synonyms for gunner all share a common theme of being skilled in using firearms or heavy weaponry.

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    Gunner is an occupational term used to describe someone who operates and maintains a machine gun. Gunners are usually responsible for cleaning and maintaining the firearm, as well as ensuring proper ammunition is used.

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    • Gunnar.

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