What is another word for habitable?

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[ hˈabɪtəbə͡l], [ hˈabɪtəbə‍l], [ h_ˈa_b_ɪ_t_ə_b_əl]

Habitable is a term used to describe a place suitable for human life. However, there are several other words that can be used to describe such a place. Some of the synonyms for habitable include, livable, suitable, hospitable, inhabitable, comfortable, and cozy. Livable refers to a place that is fit to live in, while suitable is used to describe a place that is appropriate for a particular purpose. Hospitable refers to a place that is welcoming and friendly. Inhabitable describes a place where humans can reside, while comfortable and cozy are used to describe a space that feels warm and inviting.

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How to use "Habitable" in context?

The phrase "habitable" has a very broad definition. It can refer to environments that are both comfortable and safe to live in. The elements necessary for life are water, air, and soil. There must also be a sustainable energy source to power the necessary technology. The first human beings arrived on Earth more than 3.8 billion years ago.Throughout history, many different environments have been considered habitable. Early humans would have been limited by the range of environments that were habitable. Throughout the millennia, technologies have evolved to allow humans to explore and inhabit new and different environments.

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