What is another word for hachure?

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[ hˈaʃjʊ͡ə], [ hˈaʃjʊ‍ə], [ h_ˈa_ʃ_j_ʊə]

Synonyms for Hachure:

How to use "Hachure" in context?

Hachure is a quaint graphic style that employs zigzag lines to create a rough, unfinished look. The style is popular among artists and graphic designers for its vintage look and imperfect feel.

To create hachure, a designer draws a series of short, connecting lines that resemble a staircase or cobwebs. To create the rough, unfinished look, the designer varies the lengths and widths of the lines, and never uses the same width or length twice in a row.

Hachure is often used in artwork and design to give the impression of aged paper or wood.

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