What is another word for hackle?

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Hackle is a word that can mean many things, including a bird's neck feathers, a type of fishing lure, and a hair-raising sense of irritation. However, there are many synonyms for hackle that can help add dimension and nuance to your writing. Some synonyms for hackle include ruffle, plume, bristle, irritate, provoke, needle, exasperate, and incense. By using these synonyms in place of hackle, you can add depth and variation to your writing, making it more engaging and interesting to read. Whether you are writing a story, an essay, or simply trying to spice up your vocabulary, these synonyms for hackle are sure to come in handy.

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    The hackle is a feathery appendage found on the heads of certain birds, such as the Northern Cardinal. It is used to create a characteristic sound when the bird elements its bill in its feathers.

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