What is another word for hairsbreadth?

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[ hˈe͡əsbɹɛdθ], [ hˈe‍əsbɹɛdθ], [ h_ˈeə_s_b_ɹ_ɛ_d_θ]

Synonyms for Hairsbreadth:

How to use "Hairsbreadth" in context?

When it comes to distance, some things are just a lot harder to quantify than others. For example, how do you measure how much a person is taller than someone else? That's easy, you stand next to each other and measure how high your heads are above the other person's. But how do you measure how much a person is shorter than someone else when they're sitting down? Eye level? Nose level? Even if you could somehow measure that, how would you quantify how wide apart their legs are?

If you've ever wondered how width of a gap can be quantified using traditional methods, you're not alone.

Homophones for Hairsbreadth:

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