What is another word for hallucinogen?

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[ hɐlˈuːsɪnəd͡ʒən], [ hɐlˈuːsɪnəd‍ʒən], [ h_ɐ_l_ˈuː_s_ɪ_n_ə_dʒ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Hallucinogen:

How to use "Hallucinogen" in context?

Hallucinogens are chemicals that can cause users to experience illusions, hallucinations and neurological effects. These substances can be ingested through smoking, eating or using lye solutions. Some hallucinogens, like LSD, can be dangerous and cause hallucinogenic psychosis, a life-threatening condition.

Many people report that hallucinogens give them a unique and powerful experience. Users often describe the visuals and sounds as being entrancing, overwhelming and sometimes even spiritually transformative. Although some people may see negative effects from using hallucinogens, most users find that they offer an exciting and enlightening alternative to conventional reality.

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