What is another word for handwork?

Pronunciation: [hˈandwɜːk] (IPA)

Handwork is a term that is typically used to refer to the creation of objects or products using one's hands, rather than through the use of machines or other equipment. Some synonyms that can be used in place of handwork include manual labor, craftsmanship, handcrafting, handiwork, artisanship, and hand-made. These terms all suggest a level of skill and expertise, as well as a dedication to the process of creating something tangible and meaningful. Whether it be woodworking, pottery, or sewing, handwork is a timeless tradition that celebrates the human touch and the power of creativity.

What are the hypernyms for Handwork?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Handwork

The first attempts at paper-making resulted in a crude, coarse product that was regarded with great scorn by the rich; and as for printed matter, the educated classes considered it a great drop from handwork and too common a thing to be purchased.
"Paul and the Printing Press"
Sara Ware Bassett
They call their Red flock together for us to inspect and show us marvellous handwork of silk embroidery on white deerskin.
"The New North"
Agnes Deans Cameron
The complete course gives them an equipment of practical and theoretical knowledge that speedily takes them out of the handwork class.
"Wage Earning and Education"
R. R. Lutz

Famous quotes with Handwork

  • One could divine pretty nearly where the force lay, since the last ten years had given to the great mechanical energies — coal, iron, steam — a distinct superiority in power over the old industrial elements — agriculture, handwork, and learning; but the result of this revolution on a survivor from the fifties resembled the action of the earthworm; he twisted about, in vain, to recover his starting-point; he could no longer see his own trail; he had become an estray; a flotsam or jetsam of wreckage; a belated reveller, or a scholar-gipsy like Matthew Arnold's. His world was dead. Not a Polish Jew fresh from Warsaw or Cracow — not a furtive Yacoob or Ysaac still reeking of the Ghetto, snarling a weird Yiddish to the officers of the customs — but had a keener instinct, an intenser energy, and a freer hand than he — American of Americans, with Heaven knew how many Puritans and Patriots behind him, and an education that had cost a civil war.
    Henry Adams

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