What is another word for haphazard?

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Haphazard means that something is done in a random or chaotic way without any planning or organization. There are many synonyms that can be used for this word. Some of these synonyms include aimless, arbitrary, casual, disorderly, erratic, hit-or-miss, random, and unplanned. These words describe a situation that lacks structure or direction, and has no specific order or pattern. Haphazard synonyms often suggest that something is done without much thought, without a clear goal in mind, or without any strategy or plan. Using any of these synonyms will help to convey the same idea as the word haphazard, but with a slight difference in nuance and emphasis.

Synonyms for Haphazard:

How to use "Haphazard" in context?

Haphazard is a word that means "messy, unintentional, and typically disorderly." It can also refer to a manner or style of conducting oneself. More specifically, it is typically used to describe the way an individual's actions are not always logical or intentional. This can make it difficult to predict what will happen next, which can lead to confusion or disaster.

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