What is another word for hard core?

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[ hˈɑːd kˈɔː], [ hˈɑːd kˈɔː], [ h_ˈɑː_d k_ˈɔː]

"Hard core" is a phrase commonly used to describe something that is intense, extreme or deeply committed. Some synonyms for "hard core" include "firmly established," "uncompromising," "dedicated," "intense" and "extreme." These words can apply to a wide variety of things, including music, sports, politics, and even personal beliefs. For example, a "hard core" fan might be described as someone who is dedicated, committed and deeply impassioned about their favorite band or sports team. Similarly, a "hard core" political activist might be someone who is uncompromising in their beliefs and deeply committed to creating meaningful change. Whatever the context, these synonyms capture the intense and unwavering nature of the "hard core" mentality.

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Hard core RACING or HARD CORE HOCKEY is a sport where two teams of five players race around a track to score points by either crossing the finish line first, or putting the puck into the opposing net. Players use all forms of physical contact to battle for position in front of the nets and around the corners. HARD CORE HOCKEY is a dangerous sport that can take a toll on the body. ENHANCING safety measures have helped to draw in new fans to the sport.

HARD CORE HOCKEY was born from the need for rough, physical play in ice hockey.

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