What is another word for has-been?

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[ hɐzbˈɪn], [ hɐzbˈɪn], [ h_ɐ_z_b_ˈɪ_n]

Related words: been there done that, been around the block, too many bad apples, been around the block and back again, been around the block, seen a lot

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    Synonyms for Has-been:

    How to use "Has-been" in context?

    A "has-been" is someone who has achieved some level of success, but has since fallen from grace and failed to live up to their former glory. They may have been a once-great player, author, or celebrity, but they now find themselves adrift in their own career and forgotten by the public. Their once-burning passions may have faded, or they may have faced some difficult challenges that have left them feeling defeated. Despite their past accomplishments, they are now seen as failures by their former peers and collaborators.

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