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A hat is a piece of headwear that provides protection from the sun, rain, and cold weather. It can also be a fashion accessory that adds style to an outfit. Synonyms for the word "hat" include cap, bonnet, beanie, beret, fedora, helmet, hood, sombrero, and turban. A cap is a type of casual hat that is usually made of cloth and has a brim or bill. A bonnet is a type of hat that covers the head and ties under the chin. A beanie is a close-fitting cap made of wool or other warm material. A fedora is a stylish hat with a soft brim and indented crown. A helmet is a protective headgear worn by soldiers, athletes, and motorcyclists. A hood is a garment that covers the head and neck. A sombrero is a wide-brimmed hat commonly worn in Mexico.

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    There's something distinctly masculine about a good hat. Whether its slipping a bit of shade over your eyes during the sun's highest rays or providing insulation from wind and rain, hats are functional accessories. With so many different styles and materials available, what's the best hat for you? Take a look.

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